How Powerhouse Female 
Coaches, Consultants and Service Providers Are Exploding into 6-Figures in 2021… WITHOUT Tech, Sales Funnels or Paid Ads

Learn the unique strategies to use right now to become a massive producer who knows how to transform their business into a freedom-generating machine.

From Goals on Paper... to Money in the Bank!

Join the 5 Day Goals to 6-Figure Riches Challenge... starting October 18th. 

Be part of the 10% of female business owners who are making over $100,000 and working less than EVER.

If you are ready to:
-Declare, own and crush your business goals and dreams all the way to 6-figures and BEYOND...

-Powerfully reclaim your time and build the business that fulfills… not drains you

-Know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it to get your business to THAT next level

-Master the key to nurturing an unshakable mindset to keep you focused, motivated, and ignited to create

- Ditch the suffocating overwhelm, exhaustion and frustration to enjoy your life again... 

REGISTER NOW to join other rockstar female maverick business owners who are creating riches in
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Learn How You Can Quickly Accelerate
From 5- To 6-Figures Without Guessing, Struggling, Overwhelm, Stress, And Exhaustion!
In this FREE hands-on challenge you’ll master the 
5 steps you need to break through the 
money and time ceiling.

Here’s what we’ll cover each day...
Day 1 (Oct 18) | 12 Traits of Highly Successful & Happy People. 
Discover and assess for yourself what it takes to achieve massive success and happiness no matter where you are right now in your business. You’ll leave this session knowing exactly where your gaps are and how to powerfully fill them.

Day 2 (Oct 19) | Vision to Victorious Achievement. 
Create your life and business vision so you have absolute clarity on what you want and how to attract the abundance you deserve. *Includes one-on-one laser coaching.

Day 3 (Oct 20) | Goal Setting to Riches. 
Unlock how massive producers set goals with intention and action to explode into their next level of growth... and create your own powerhouse goals. After today, you’ll have everything you need to turn any idea or thought into reality. *Includes one-on-one laser coaching.

Day 4 (Oct 21) | Productivity Hacks for the Massive Producer Inside of You. 
Learn firsthand 5 specific formulas and creative strategies you need to accelerate your revenue generation and quickly break into 6-figures (and beyond).

Day 5 (Oct 22) | 5 Steps to Shift to Riches. 
Master how to discover, confront, and finally shed the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from the success you deserve. In this final day of the challenge, we put ALL the pieces together to unleash the powerhouse boss that you are.

**When you apply the methodology and lessons learned from each session, you’ll start seeing incredible results in all areas of your life. 

Plus, be part of a private, kickass community of women entrepreneurs who refuse to take “no” for an answer.


With your free online registration you'll get...

5 Days Of Daily Live Interactive Sessions: 
Each day at Noon eastern for 60 minutes of LIVE training (30-45 mins) and LIVE one-on-one coaching (15-30 mins) with Q&A, engagement and fun. ***Every session is recorded and available to rewatch for a limited time.

A Private Facebook Group: 
This is your tribe of other powerhouse women who are here to support and encourage you, not just during the challenge but even once its over! You’ll be able to connect with other coaches, access training replays, and additional resources, and more.

Detailed Challenge Workbook: 
You will receive a detailed workbook that includes templates, note pages, and action item call outs that will keep you organized and ready to implement everything you learn immediately.

BONUS MASTERCLASS (Wed, Oct 27 at 2:00 EST): Get Clients for Riches LIVE Q&A, Extra Coaching and Training with EXCLUSIVE GRAND PRIZE: 
Get your questions answered with a sixth day of support and coaching so you can get results and hit the ground running with absolute clarity. 

$6,000+ in Daily Drawings: 
Have a chance to win one of several daily epic prizes, including Amazon Gift Cards, Shift to Riches Journals during the challenge, and a 3-Month Coaching Scholarship. 
All you have to do to win is participate in each live training and be an active part of the challenge community. Challenge winners are announced everyday at 1:00 PM EST, and the Grand Prize will be announced during the Masterclass on Oct 27th.
Hi, I'm Bernadette Boas and I show powerhouse female entrepreneurs how to explode into success.
As a business and transformation success coach, author and podcaster, I leverage my 25 years of corporate executive savviness and entrepreneurial passion to teach business owners how to:
✔︎ achieve their work and life goals so they can have the legacy and purpose they want

✔︎ breakthrough the inevitable business highs and lows to build freedom-generating machines

✔︎ transform their limiting beliefs into unstoppable ideas

✔︎ eliminate the fear of “what’s next” and have a plan of action to powerfully move forward 
And, I do this all with my Ball of Fire Coaching. Literally!
Because if I have learned anything since starting my own business 13 years ago, it’s that you can't go it alone.

In fact, you don't deserve to. 
But you have to be willing to step up and ask for the coaching, support, guidance, and expertise that will get you where you want to go.
That is what this challenge and everything we do in Ball of Fire Coaching is all about.
I have been where you are working 60+ hours a week and not getting the value you need out of everyday.
I know what it takes for you to succeed in blending personal and professional aspirations, pursuing your goals through the toughest and best of times, and for you to finally have the roadmap to know how to go from 5 to 6 figures in your business.
And, I’ll share all of that with you – PLUS MORE – in the free 5 Day Goals to 6-Figure Riches Challenge.
I’m highly selective in who I invite to participate in this challenge. The level of access and coaching I’m giving away for FREE (in this challenge) is what my private clients usually pay at least $5,000 to have.
I hope you take full advantage of the opportunity to get live coaching that’s right in front of you.
You really have nothing to lose (except the overwhelm you’re already feeling).
I’ll see you online soon, right?

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